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Project Details

Client: F45 Training Indooroopilly

Date: 24th May 2019

Online: www.f45training.com.au

We approached the team at F45 with an idea to tackle a problem we identified with their social media content. With video content being a very powerful way to reach audiences, it was evident that F45 wasn't providing franchieses with the right support.
We discussed different ideas, and then organised a time to come on set. We filmed and edited three video clips targeting different audiences and different points of the customer journey. Filmed, edited & delivered within three days.

3 reasons why you should be doing Video

1. It creates a unique emotional connection

Video offers an immediacy that can translate emotionally unlike any other medium. It's the reason why a well-made, 30-second commercial can nearly bring someone to tears or inspire them toward action.

2. Video can enhance branding and marketing efforts

Because video is such a compelling medium, it can both be the driver and centerpiece of branding efforts. Using a comprehensive and holistic approach, video can support a wide range of marketing initiatives.

3. Video has longer user-engagement periods

Video create's a longer user-engagement period, which is the top priority for any content platform. This means that platform managers must invest in both quality content providers and technology.


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